I have had an abundance of Lemon Verbena growing outside the kitchen door, which was a pure delight, for the past couple months.  I love to open the door in the morning and smell the wetness of the evening along with the sweetness of the verbena while having that first sip of espresso.  I noticed over the weekend that someone or something has been chewing on the leaves.  Ever so tenderly, they are eating just pieces of each small leaf.  I grabbed the kitchen shears and proceeded to save what I could, and then I trimmed back rest of the plant;  I hope it does not die.  I decided to use the delicate leaves and make a simple syrup for this lovely Lemon Verbena Madelines recipe for Andrea‘s GYO event this month.


Lemon Verbena Madelines 0809

Lenny is heading to Boston and it is his mother’s birthday, I know she loves these sweet little cookies, so I baked up a batch of madelines.  I used David Lebovitz’s recipe, minus the lemon glaze, instead I dipped each little cookie in the simple syrup before delicately wrapping.  The lemon verbena is lovely with this delicate cookie as it gives it a slightly lemony as well as a bit of a spicy bite, similar to basil, mixed with the sweetness of sugar;  it reminds me of a late summer afternoon, light, sunny and very warm.

I am submitting this to Andrea‘s GYO event.  It has been awhile since I have had the time to really participate in one of my favorite “food blog events”.  Andrea’s has been one of my favorite events as it gives us a chance to showcase what we grown in our gardens, whether it is from an urban dwelling or a large garden out in the country.  As well it brings all of us together from all over the world – it is really nice to see what people from every corner of the world are enjoying at the same time.

Recipe:  please visit David’s site.

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