Ciabatta is my go-to-bread for not only dipping in olive oil but for easy grilled cheese sandwiches.  Cinnamon rolls are favorite breakfast treat, who does not like “candy” for breakfast!

I am terribly behind on my BBA Challenge posts.  I am getting ready to work on the next challenge but felt guilty jumping ahead before telling you about these two wonderful challenges.  Ciabatta and Cinnamon Rolls don’t really go together but we did have the all in the same weekend.

Both recipes were very simple, especially the cinnamon rolls, I was able to whip them up in an afternoon.  The Ciabatta did require a little pre-planning (note to self, read recipe before getting ready to start) as the poolish and the biga need to sit overnight.


Ciabatta normally has an open crumb texture with lots of holes.  Notice the nice tight crumb of ours?  I am not sure what happened?  I used the poolish method and followed the instructions exactly.  I felt very optimistic about this bread, that is until I began cutting it open.  The flavor was delicious and as long as I just told people it was “bread”, they would have never known it was suppose to be Ciabatta.  Any insight would be appreciated??  I would love to master this recipe!


Cinnamon Buns are the ultimate breakfast treat and I decided to make them for an early morning coffee with my sister, Daniele and brother in-law, Shawn.  The recipe was very easy and flowed so smoothly, no hiccups.   I decided to flavor them with cardamon instead of cinnamon and a deep orange frosting – the two flavors were great together and definitely more of an “adult” cinnamon bun as the kids who tested did not care for them.  I made these a couple years ago and I definitely liked the end result of that recipe better.  These cinnamon buns deflated upon baking and looked more like disks.  I would try them again, though, before going back to my original attempt.

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