Not your traditional Basil Pesto recipe but equally as tasty.  The ramps give this pesto a slightly spicy taste which goes very well with toasted pine nuts and asiago cheese.  Because of the slightly oniony/garlicky taste to the ramps, there is not need to add garlic to the recipe.


Remember those beautiful ramps that David of Earthy Delights sent us?  The bundle was so lush that I did not want to waste the greens, so I blended them with some olive oil and tucked away into the freezer for a rainy day.  We did not need a rainy day to make a batch of Pesto, for our Soup au Pistou, so I took out one of the packages (1/4 cup in each one) and created a fantastic pesto using toasted pine nuts and asiago cheese.  It was a wonderful addition to our soup – slightly spicy, nutty and a little bit garlicky.

Following it the completed recipe for the Pesto, if you want just the base click here.

Recipe:  Ramp Pesto

1/4 cup ramp pesto base

pinenuts, handful

asiago cheese, handful

Toaste the pinenuts in a small frying pan on top of the stove over low heat.  I continually shake the pan as not to burn the nuts.  Let them cool.  Add ramps, pinenuts and cheese to a food processor and pulse just until blended.  Serve.  Eat.

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