Friday was a pretty busy day for us with regards to food.  We started off our afternoon by having lunch with some of the folks over at Foodbuzz.  I have been emailing Ryan (the girl) about Chez Us stuff for a few weeks now and finally just threw it out there that it was time for us to meet her (we did not know she was a she until I called from the lobby – oops, should have read the about page abit more).  It is always nice to put the face with the voice!  It was great fun as Dorian, Kristin and Doug all joined us as well, it was nice to learn more about FB and to share Chez Us with them.  Be sure to read all about it over at the Pink Spoon.

Lenny’s friend, Dan, was coming over for some Final Cut Pro training so I figured it would be a good night for a hearty dinner.  As well, one can not  have a recession/depression proof menu without adding meat loaf to it.  Meat loaf has got to be one of the easiest things to make and you can really be creative with your seasonings.  I am all about texture and do not like over processed meat loaf.  I like it to have some real substance.

I took some Marin Sun Farms Grass-fed beef and mixed it with breadcrumbs (that I made), an egg, ketchup, some thyme (the only living thing in our herb garden), fresh grated Parmesan and chopped onion …. mixed by hand just until it came together.  Then I free formed it on a sheet of parchment and draped Applewood bacon over the top.   The bacon over the top was a great addition as it provided a great smoky aroma in the house and it gave the meat loaf a really nice and sweet glaze on the top.  About ten minutes before eating I sauteed some fresh green beans with a little olive oil and sea salt and then I added the left over (from the Tortilla Soup) frozen corn and some peas, just heated until they were warm.  Served with a green salad, a bottle of wine and for dessert the left over gingerbread.

$ 18.96 for 6 servings.   We only had for dinner and did not save for the next day’s lunch.


Saturday we are going on a secret mission – it will not be recession proof but it will be fun.  We will be twittering all day with clues – join in on the fun!  Sunday we are going to Portugal for dinner and you are all invited as we are going to webcast it live – be sure to follow Twitter for updates!  As well I have a very fun event to annouce sometime before Monday!  Lots happening at Chez Us.

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