Cannellini Bean Salad


Since we are on the eating right track, once again, we are trying to limit our meat intake to once a week.  Therefore, I have been making a lot of veggie inspired meals.  I have also been looking for ones that make just a little extra so that we have lunch the next day – once of our ways of cutting back this year!  When I am in this situation I always seem to turn to the same place for inspiration.  I LOVE Donna Hay’s recipes.  I love the fact that they only require a few ingredients which we usually have on hand and they have never taken over an hour to prepare.  Not to mention they are so fresh!

Tonight I made this lovely Cannellini Bean Salad.  It was so simple that I am not sure what to even write about it.  I loved that it had blanched fresh green beans as well as mint in it.  The dressing was made with a little bit of olive oil, lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice (we used Meyers) and a touch of paprika, which gave it a slightly smokey and sweet taste.  The combination of fresh veggies and the cannellini beans (slightly nutty) with the flavors of the dressing really complimented each other.  The only thing I would do definitely next time would be to use cooked Cannellini beans since canned ones have a tendency to get a little smashed.  Otherwise, this dish is wonderful or as Donna would say, “Simple made Simple”.

It would go lovely with a grilled piece of chicken or fish, if  you do not to eat vegetarian.



  1. Kristin says:

    Looks fresh and delicous. And you’ve mentioned Donna Hay so many times I’m going to have to google her because I am sorry to say I don’t know who she is.

  2. Diana says:

    Donna Hay is an Australian culinary giant! She has her own bi monthly publication, concept store and her own tv program on the Lifestyle Channel on pay tv. You can check her out on

    I don’t work for donna hay, but I am most certainly a fan. As an aussie I admit to some bias, but she is fantastic!

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