Since we are on the eating right track, once again, we are trying to limit our meat intake to once a week.  Therefore, I have been making a lot of veggie inspired meals.  I have also been looking for ones that make just a little extra so that we have lunch the next day – once of our ways of cutting back this year!  When I am in this situation I always seem to turn to the same place for inspiration.  I LOVE Donna Hay’s recipes.  I love the fact that they only require a few ingredients which we usually have on hand and they have never taken over an hour to prepare.  Not to mention they are so fresh!

Tonight I made this lovely Cannellini Bean Salad.  It was so simple that I am not sure what to even write about it.  I loved that it had blanched fresh green beans as well as mint in it.  The dressing was made with a little bit of olive oil, lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice (we used Meyers) and a touch of paprika, which gave it a slightly smokey and sweet taste.  The combination of fresh veggies and the cannellini beans (slightly nutty) with the flavors of the dressing really complimented each other.  The only thing I would do definitely next time would be to use cooked Cannellini beans since canned ones have a tendency to get a little smashed.  Otherwise, this dish is wonderful or as Donna would say, “Simple made Simple”.

It would go lovely with a grilled piece of chicken or fish, if  you do not to eat vegetarian.


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