This week is officially our first week of 2009.  Over the colds!  Ready to tackle the New Year!  Just like the millions of people out there we are also attempting to change our nasty habits, just as we always do every January – promises of more workouts, healthier eating,  and less drinking are also on our agendas!  Every January we do start eating better and we try hard to carry it out all year.   I have to say we do a pretty good job.  As well every January we give up drinking, that is alcohol, we like to think we are cleansing our bodies!  I know, “whatever makes you feel better!”

Tonight we decided to make Spring Rolls.   Sometimes we grill seafood, beef, pork or eggplant to include, but tonight we wanted to keep it simple, so we decided to only make veggie.  I made two dipping sauces, a sesame honey one and a spicy Thai pepper one.  The veggies we used were:  mint, cilantro, baby red lettuce, peppers, soybeans, carrots, and cucumbers.


Diane & Todd were our Spring Roll Masters when we learned the fine art of rolling.  I think the most important step is that you DO NOT soak the rice paper for more than 10 seconds, otherwise, you end up with a gummy sheet of stuff, that really is not that appetizing.  The other important factor is to keep your veggies close to you.

lenny-rolling-1-0109Then roll tuck and roll tuck.


The end result is a simply easy, flavorful and healthy dinner that was also very fun to make.

What did you give  up for the New Year?

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