Whenever I have a cold I seem to want spicy.  Almost immediately after eating chicken soup at lunch, I knew that we had to have something with SPICE for dinner.  We both love Thai, Lenny more so, so I knew when I mentioned that I wanted a Thai inspired dinner there would not be any objections.

On our cold scooter ride home we decided to swing by Bi-Rite to pick up the necessities for dinner, while braving the cold, I knew this meal would hit the spot!  I have seen a few different recipes for Thai Beef Salad, a few of them over at Donna Hay’s place as well as over at the Steamy Kitchen.  Just happens while wandering the store I completely forget what I needed, so I decide to wing it.  Needless to say once getting home I realized I had forgotten basil, mint and cucumbers, so tonight’s salad would be Chez Us inspired Thai Beef Salad.  The good news is once we got home I remembered that Brother John gave us some of his homegrown Thai peppers so I did not have to use the ones we picked up!

I made a dressing of equal parts raw sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce and fresh squeezed lime juice, then I microplaned some lemon grass, lime zest and chili pepper into it, giving it a shake shake shake and letting rest for about 45 minutes.    Then I prepared a bed of baby red romaine, cilantro, red peppers, red onions and tomatoes;  I don’t think there are usually tomatoes but I kind of lost my mind back at the grocery store.  I wanted the grassfed beef to be simple so that the dressing and veggies would be a nice compliment.  I used the stove top grill and cooked the beef with some sesame oil and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

After laying thinly sliced pieces of beef across the greens, I drizzled the dressing and garnished with more lime zest and diced Thai peppers.  The salad was refreshing, spicy and exactly what the doctor ordered!

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