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It has been somewhat of a crudy day … really busy, haven’t started holiday shopping, coming down with a cold & exhausted;  but, then I got home after a doctor appointment to find a nice package on the door.  I have to say I love getting surprise mail delivered, with the internet now, it seldom happens.

Shortly after writing a piece about the beef in Montana, I received an email from Le Cense, a cattle ranch that is located in Dillon, Mt.  I signed up for their newsletter online and left it at that.  Almost immediately afterwards, they contacted me to say that I could stop by any time to check out their facilities and to try out some of their grass fed beef;  unfortunately, we don’t live in Dillon.  Today I received a nice package full of New York Steaks and some extra goodies (tshirts, stickers, a shopping bag).  We are definitely looking forward to trying out their grassfed steak and sharing the experience with you.

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