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We did not actually “grow” our own quiche, but rather we baked it using fresh rosemary from our garden.  I knew we had to participate in Andrea’s GYO (Grow your Own) event for December and with our busy schedules the next couple weeks, I knew it had to be now.

I was craving quiche all day today.  I twittered about it all day.  Maybe it was all this Paris talk lately, that made me think about comfort food, which for us, happens to include French food.   On our way home we made a stop by the grocery and I grabbed some zucchini, spinach, cream and cheese for the creation.  I had some leftover savory tart dough in the freezer so we were set on our base, as well I had some pancetta leftover so all I had to add was some onion and fresh rosemary.

I flash baked the crust to give it a bit of firmness, then I lined the bottom with the pancetta.  While the crust was flash baking, I sauteed some minced onions with the rosemary and thinly sliced zucchini.  I made a custard out of equal parts cream and half and half then added the spinach, cheese and salt and pepper.  After lining the crust with the pancetta, I poured in the custard mixture and then topped it with the zucchini mixture.  It smelled incredible baking with the butter from the whole wheat crust blending with the smokiness of the pancetta and the fresh and pungent aroma of Rosemary.

Bi-Rite Market sells these cute little bundles of lettuce joy – baby heads of romaine or butter lettuce, they are crisp, fresh and so sweet.  I like to tear them apart and drizzle with a light mustard dressing.  The perfect side with a slice of quiche.

The meal was fantastic … the quiche was bursting, literally, with flavor and the salad was a nice light side that complimented the mediterranean flavors of the quiche.

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