bon appetit, salmon, roasted fish, food blog, cooking, culinary, recipes, food and wine, food and drink, donna hay, roasted potatoesMy dad loves salmon and my stepmom does not, so when we come up to Montana, we make salmon.  This week my dad had a recipe picked from Bon Appetit.  It was a roasted salmon that was coated with a mayo, mustard and herb coating.  I was interested to see how mayo would be roasted on a salmon and it was delicious.  The coating really held the juices and flavor of the salmon in and make a very flavorful piece of fish.  I served it with roasted potoates that were thinly sliced but kept together and then stuffed garlic between the slices, drizzled with olive oil and baked.  The recipe is from Donna Hay‘s latest magazine.

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