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As mentioned earlier this week, we are in “clean-up” mode over at our pantry. When I go into these modes, I try to only use what I have in the house and to make the meal as delicious as possible!  Tonight I took some carrots, celery and french green lentils and simmered them with some left over onion soup I had tucked away into the freezer for one of those solo dinner nights.  Then I grilled (using my new favorite toy) some  Lamb Meregez Sausage for the protein part of the meal. The lentils were cooked perfectly, slightly crunchy but moist and full of flavor thanks to the onion soup.  The sausage added a really nice spicy surprise to the mellow lentils.  It was a great hit you in the face spicy but then softened by the time you were ready to take the next bite!

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