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get those veggies rolling.

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I eat, breath, sleep and love everything about food. After all it is one thing that you can use all your senses for: See, Taste, Touch, Smell & Hearing. I missed my calling, if I would had taken food so seriously 20 years ago, who knows I could be the next big name in Manhattan or even say, Paris. Instead, I do what I love to do, for the ones I love.

Lenny, well, he could really care less about food. It is NOT a priority for him. If, I slapped down a bowl of cherrios with a side of hot sauce, he would probably be just as happy as he is when I give him a plate of food that I have pride in. Ultimately, while he can not really complain, he just does not care about food or the eating of it, as in the same breath that I do. Now, he does care about what he puts in his body – no fast food, no fried food, not too much meat, blah blah blah; but, the final decision as to what we eat, no big deal. Do I wish that he cared? Of course, I wish he did at least a little bit, probably the same way he wishes I was a hard-core rock climber, ready to tackle the nose. Reality, it will probably not happen in the next 6 months.

There you have it, Chez US – I cook and he critiques. It is a good fit as I don’t have to compete for counter space in a mere 20 sq. ft. It definitely dictates what we eat, as it is all about what my taste buds are craving! For the past couple weeks it has been Diane and Todd’s Spring Rolls. I was never a huge fan of them before we learned to make them and devour them, during a lunch stop on our way to Palm Springs. Diane & Todd opened my senses and we have been rolling very often since. Unfortunately, I did not have all the fantastic Viet herbs that they use, as well, it was a late spin night, so no chance of bringing out the JoyCook.

The spring rolls tonight kind of had an Italian/Asian thing going on. The fillings were: grated carrots/red onion, herb salad mix, thinly sliced red pepper, basil and mint as well as thinly sliced eggplant that I marinated in sesame Oil, garlic and soy sauce and then quickly stir fried (that was the Asian part). More like a salad all rolled into a “condom” and then dipped in a spicy soy and rice vinegar sauce.

Verdict – pacified, for the meantime, that mad craving I am having for really good Viet Spring Rolls.

Lenny – “They are good”. Man of many words!

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