It has been awhile since I have blogged about a meal at Chez US. This does not mean, I have given up the position at the stove, it just means my MOJO has been somewhere else. On top of traveling for pure pleasure the past couple of weeks, I just have not been snapping with the camera.  It is coming back, I can feel it, so watch out!

I love the GYO events over over Andrea’s Recipes and just felt the need not to miss this one. So, tonight I went to the garden and plucked up some baby Thai Basil leaves and let the creative juices flow. I was in the mood for something spicy, maybe because I am feeling kind of spicy after a couple fun filled but relaxing days up in Lake Tahoe with E & W and the MEM. I took some mushrooms and cooked them with eggplant and a little sesame oil, garlic and chillies. Then I made a broth out of coconut milk, more chilies, fresh Thai Basil from our garden, Kaffir Lime leaves and garlic. Tossed it all into a bowl with Lomen noodles, I would have used Soba, but we are out. Garnished with lots of sliced chillies and some Lime zest. Fresh! Spicy! Creamy! All in 30 minutes!

Wrap your lips around these!

Lenny’s 2 cents: GREAT!

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