Chicken, Weird Chicken, Chicken thighs, cooking, dinner, recipes, culinary, food and wine, easy mealDid you know a chicken could be, weird? The first words out of Lenny’s mouth, before he even tasted this dish, was, “What is this weird chicken?” Now, it did not smell, “weird”, nor did it really look “weird”. In fact, it was golden brown, smelled of garlic and lemons; exactly, how could this be classified as “weird”? Maybe he is “weird” or maybe I am “weird” for making it!

Hey, my response was, “at least there is something on the table, instead of a take-out box” and hey, “this is all I had to work with:; after all, I am building an empire these days!” So, eat your “weird” chicken and enjoy it!

By the way, it was fantastic, so don’t be afraid to shut up and eat “weird chicken”.


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