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If you are familiar with Donna Hay, you know exactly what I am talking about when I mention her cookbooks and magazines. Not only is the food styling and photography stunning; but, the recipes are brilliant!

I am always looking for good, quick meals that we can whip up in less than an hour during our busy work week. Time and time again, I turn to Donna! Not only are her recipes easy but each one uses the freshest seasonal food available. As well, they are usually meant for 4 servings which makes it easy to half for two. Every time we try a new recipe, we are equally as happy as the time before. This was NO exception ……..

Issue 37 had this fantastic article about 100 quick and easy meals. Lenny is out of town on business, so I wanted something quick and easy for one. I decided to try a creamy pasta dish with chicken, basil and cherry tomatoes – it is considered a salad, though I served it warm and it was really fantastic. The dressing/sauce was loaded with lemon juice (I used Meyers), basil and olive oil, very fresh. I like to use whole wheat pasta, the nuttiness, really complimented the fresh citrus tang. Great summer meal in 25 minutes!