Peas in a Pod

Lenny is climbing Half Dome today/tonight. Not hiking it; but climbing it. HOW HOT IS THAT?! He has wanted to do this for as long as I have known him and I am incredibly happy that he has finally gotten the chance. I am not suppose to worry, that is part of the agreement. Unless he does not get home, say by Friday afternoon. Even though I am NOT suppose to worry, I have to say my mind still does and I would not be human if it did not. Last night my friend Debbie came over, we caught up and drank a bottle of wine. Tonight …. there are a million things I could do;  but, instead I have decided it is a good time to tackle these lens that Santa got me for Christmas and to try to do what I use to do with photography when I used film – which was greater things than I do with digital – regardless, it occupied my mind for a good hour!

Yesterday, I went with the littlest M of MEM to Half Moon Bay. We wanted to pick strawberries and ride a horse. She got to ride a horse; but, no one would let us pick strawberries. “Come back in two weeks,” was the reply. So, we enjoyed our time together, played hard and then hit the roadside produce stops and picked up strawberries and sweet English peas. The peas are what I have decided to photograph and cook for dinner.

I use to hate peas as a kid, maybe because they were from a can or frozen. Anyhow, now I love them and especially fresh from the pod. Lenny loves the sweet frozen ones. Tonight, I decided to participate earlier, than usual, with Andrea’s GYO monthly event – the herb of choice was the French Thyme, which is doing very well in our garden. I love picking it and smelling the sweet little pink flowers, and crushing the little leaves between my fingers to release the sweet oils, reminds me of spring time and of the markets in France. Comfort for me! I sauteed green garlic and onion with some olive oil, tossed in French Thyme from our garden and then quickly cooked the sweet English peas, finishing them off with some sea salt. Simple and comfortable, exactly what I needed tonight!

More sweet peas here.


  1. Fresh peas are a real treat. I actually like shucking them – although favas are another story. Cooked with onion and garlic, it’s sublime. You’ve reminded me to go buy some thyme for my herb pot!

  2. I forgot to say – bon courage for Lenny’s climb on Half Dome – how cool is that?

  3. Gosh…those are really gorgeous…now my frozen ones look so gloomy and sad T_T

  4. Michael climbs, too, and did Mt. Whitney the summer before we got married. His idea of a funny joke was to make me watch The Eiger Sanction with him the night before he left (Clint Eastwood action flick where he climbs a mountain at the movie’s climax). Not so funny for me, the NON mountain climber!

    Your dish looks so beautiful. I love fresh peas! Thanks for joining us for Grow Your Own!

  5. We’re jealous of Lenny!!! Make sure you tell him that we he gets back. To make up for it, he needs to show us some pictures!! What route did he take up half dome? What class?
    Your peas are a shining example of simple, delicious food at it’s best!

  6. sure, half dome was cool, but i can’t believe you made peas without me! Those look great. Can WE have some this week?

  7. hi, stumbled over via white on rice couple’s post. lovely picture and story. I love peas and am glad to hear they are available now!

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