Cornmeal Waffles

breakfast-0408.JPG breakfast-2-0408.JPG …… instead Brunch. I normally do not write about what we eat during the day as dinner really is the time we get down and dirty. Nor do we really ever make breakfast or lunch for that matter. My sister and niece were in town today so we got together for some grubbing at our house. Since MEM gave me a waffle iron for my birthday, I have been eager to make waffles whenever the occasion of breakfast pops up. This time around I tried out a hearty cornmeal waffle served with real maple syrup as well as a blood orange syrup I made. We served lots of fresh fruit as well as some really great local pork sausages I found at Wholefoods as well as lots of really good cafe lattes. Once everyone left, we lounged around eating the bits and crumbs that were left. What a nice way to spend a Sunday morning (a cold and grey one, too).

We are going out to dinner with friends tonight; but, wait until you see what we have in store for you this week!

Come dine with us again!


  1. can i be invited to brunch??? i love waffles!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment! I would love to come dine with you;-) If you stop by in South of France come and visit!
    You have stunning pictures on your blog!

  3. Cornmeal waffles sound delicious – I wish I had a waffle iron. And the blood orange syrup must’ve been wonderful. – great idea.

    p.s. I saw your post on making crème brûlée on a camping trip – you guys are amazing! My cousin made Vietnamese savory crêpes (Bánh Xèo) on a camping trip once but your dessert rocks the house (or should I say tent? :)

  4. Mmmm..cornmeal waffle with real maple syrup sounds wonderful! Far better than that frozen French toast I had this morning! Lol!

  5. Come on over anytime … ;)


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