The Daring Bakers strike again! Our hostess for this month’s challenge was Mary over at Alpine Berry and she chose the Bostini Cream Pie. The original recipe is from Donna Scala & Kurtis Baguley of Bistro Don Giovanni in the Napa Valley as well as Scala’s Bistro in San Francisco. By the way, the mashed potatoes at Scala’s have even more butter in them than the Bostini!

Long story short, I put this challenge off until the very last moment – today! I just was not that inspired, maybe it was because I am not a big fan of the Boston Cream Pie and this was all to similar. Then I thought about it … my man is from Boston, the Red Sox’s will probably win the series and I should just challenge myself regardless if I like Boston Cream Pie or not. So, I seized the bull by the horns and did it! The recipe is very straight-forward and simple. I think I was done within two hours. My custard came out really nice – even though it did not set in the molds; but, I did anticipate this, so I saved some just in case. My cake had a spring to its step and the blood orange juice/zest I used was divine. You can not go wrong with dark bittersweet chocolate and butter for a glaze!

As I mentioned I was suspect on the custard in the mold and I am glad I went with my gut …. it did not work. So, I spooned the leftover custard on a plate and went from there! The outcome, we both really enjoyed it! The creamy vanilla custard was fantastic with the orange cake and a bit of chocolate. Would I make it again, Yes; but, for company who do not have a heart condition – something like 1000 calories a serving!

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